Shelagh busy preparing a new album

Shelagh in the studio August 2013
Shelagh has been busy demoing new material at the Sound Cafe, just outside Penicuik. The album will be Shelagh’s first release since 1971!
Photos: Heather McLennan
Shelagh in the studio August 2013 2



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9 responses to “Shelagh busy preparing a new album

  1. Look forward to hearing it! CD only or limited vinyl run too?!

  2. tim doyle

    wonderful news ! looking forward so much

  3. Sally Greenberg

    Really looking forward to it! Your Sidmouth gig was awesome!

  4. Fantastic! Great news for us fans scattered across the globe (NZ in my case). Can’t wait. 🙂

  5. Geoff Owen

    When I wrote “Who knows we may well have some new recordings in the future.” I had my doubts but this is good news.

  6. Glad you’re still around Geoff ! Your site really kept the Shelagh name alive in the days when she was still missing, and was the channel for the news when she contacted the Scottish Daily Mail, so thanks !

  7. Jack Macmillan

    Any more news on cd ?

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