The Guardian 12th Oct 2013: I disappeared for 30 years… As told to Chris Broughton

Hamilton Advertiser, Apr 4 2013, Shelagh lived in woods at Lanark Loch by Julie Gilbert

froots 353/354, November/December 2012: Shelagh McDonald – Return Journey by Ian Anderson

The Return of Shelagh McDonald by Philip Ward

The Herald 08th Dec 2012, Singer back, 40 years after vanishing act by Fiona McKay and Aymer Nelson

Photographer Kim Ayres on his recent session with Shelagh.

Fatea 2013, Talking To…Shelagh McDonald by Aymer Nelson

Review of ‘Let No Man Steal Your Thyme’ CD by Sid Smith

Full length version of Charles Donovan’s 2014 interview with Shelagh for The Huffington Post

The Independent, June 2005 ‘Mystery Woman’ by Charles Donovan
shelaghmcdonald_052 ret


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